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Nope, I joined them 2 days ago, so definately not from 2013 haha
Hi all I have recently started training as a cake decorator in a shop which specialises in Cream cakes. I spent the entire day attempting to finish cakes (apply the final coat) to the cakes but just couldn't get the hang of it. So is there any advice anyone could give me with this. Also I'm curious to know how long it took everyone before getting to a high standard of decorating. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I am determined to get it right Many thanks
Hey everyone. So I've really been getting into cake decorating, and was considering taking a class. The only problem is they are very pricey, so what's everyones thoughts on taking a course. Are they worth it, or would I be better off just practising at home. Also if anyone knows of any good places I could learn in or around London. Thanks all 
I'm looking to buy a stand mixer, with a budget of £200. Any ideas on which is best? Thanks :)
Hey everyone, I have a Red Velvet Box mix from Betty Crocker.  The box mix calls for: 65ml vegetable oil 205ml water 3 medium eggs   I was wondering if there was any way to make it taste less 'boxy' and more home-made. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them  Also I will be making a cream cheese frosting to accompany it 
They all sound so yummy, I decided to go for the carrot cake and the oreo ones. They went down a treat thanks guys :)
Hey everyone,  So I've been asked to make 100 cupcakes for an event. So far I have just been making basic vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, but I have now been asked for more of a variation on flavours.  Any suggestions on what I could do by simply adjusting my existing recipe. Also what frosting would best suit it? :) Thanks a bundle
Hey everyone, so I have been asked to make a Dark and White Chocolate Cake for a birthday, but due to lack of time I was considering using a cake mix instead. If anyone knows of any good cake mixes to use that would be great :) Thanks 
Yep I've mostly been working with buttercream so far, but all those sticks of butter are starting to dent my wallet 
Hey everyone, so I've recently gotten into cake decorating and I'm loving it . I wanted to know the easiest way to learn and practice decorating cakes. Obviously I know practice makes perfect but I wondered what the easiest icing/frosting to work and practice with was. Also the best way to keep costs down. Thanks 
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