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Thank you.. I cannot wait to use it in June
I am thinking about purchasing the SPS system for an upcoming cake.   I recently did a 3 tier (8,10 & 12 inch) and only used plastic dowels to hold the top tiers and a center dowel.. the delivery was only 15 minutes away and I was terrified.. did not seem sturdy enough! So the wedding cake i have coming is the same size and i need to make sure this one is super sturdy since its a 30 minute drive..    Quesion, has anyone used royal icing in between the cake board and...
Thanks for the replies... The cake is 3 flavors.. Chocolate, red velvet and vanilla.. And yes, I have a cake board under the second tier.. I checked all my dowels and noticed that after the bottom tier set, the dowels inserted were slightly higher than the actual tier.. So I've recut those.. I crumb coated the tiers, let it chill for a bit and re stacked it.. That did the trick... Thank you Trying to skip some steps to save time or ingredients is definitely not the way...
I have a 2 tier cake due today and I am having such difficulty with it. The cake is actually a pretty simple one so I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. It's a 2 tier all buttercream rosettes. I skipped the crumb coat since I will be piping the rosettes on.. So I stacked the cake and as I started piping, I noticed that the cake was not sturdy at all, even with the dowels I placed inside the tiers, and it seemed as though the bottom tier is lop sided.. I've done up to 3...
What recipe are you using?
I read somewhere that you are allowed to make a character cake as long as you are not making money off of it. so if that is true, you should be fine to make the cake for your son since you're not going to sell it to him. its just something I read on Cake Central you might want to verify that.
No, I Didn't.. never heard back from them and I didn't push the issue because my customer never called back. hope you have better luck let me know.
Im not sure what I am doing wrong but I've made Rhonda's MMF 2 times already and both times the MMF sticks when I roll it out. The first time I figured that I just didn't add enough PS. The second, I added extra PS and still have a problem with it being sticky. The flavor is great so I really want to make this work. I'd love to cover my cakes with this and make fondant decorations with it.   Anyone have any tips?
Whipped ganache is always a favorite with my customers. My personal favorite whipped Baileys ganache... yummmm!   What about a mousse. you can do it with any flavored instant pudding mix.
 beat 1 c heavy whipping cream and slowly add 1/3 c sugar. Whisk until soft peaks form. fold in a small box of chocolate instant pudding mix. then refrigerate for 15 minutes and wha la.. you have yourself a delicious mousse.   I use this recipe all the time and change it up with different pudding flavors. People rave about it.. especially the vanilla.
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