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I forgot to tell you not to use the imprint directly on the fondant or icing. Be sure to use the plastic wrap.
I used to make pictue frames with modeling paste and pipe them like you would on a cake. So since I started working on cakes I fugure this might work on them also. I cut a piece of plexi glass the size I need and print my design or lettering on the computer. I trace the design on the back of the paper and tape it to the underside of the glass. Be sure to look on the other side to make sure when you pipe it on the glass it will be in reverse. This will make it print on...
I have a lady who wants a many certain body part and I can't find the pan she wants. So is there a way to make a pan from aluminum foil or what can you suggest. It needs to look like the man part that hangs on bumper hitches.
I made a Dora cake for my GD Bday and it was the full size Doll. I used the old Parish Barbie mold for it. I done the skirt like a grass skirt. The icing piped out fine and looked like a grass skirt. But, I put it in the fridge for overnight until the party and when I cut it the grass kept falling off the crumb coat of the skirt. What did I do wrong. what would you charge for a cake done like this with a full size Barbie in it? Thanks Kanda
Could you please send me the recipes you have for the choclate and white granache? Kanda
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