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Just wondered if anyone has any good tips/ advice for making/ baking fruit cakes.  My Mum can do a good one, comes out nice and dark, she bakes it with the tin wrapped in newspaper to stop it burning as the bake takes 4 hours. I'm using a Mich Turner recipe, I haven't tried it yet as it needs to mature for 8 weeks before you can eat it.  Just thought someone might have good recipes/ tips to share...
I'm from Scotland and am a member of a baking club, our next meeting we have, to make something traditional to another country, I wondered if anyone would have any ideas of something I could bake from where you live, obviously nothing from the UK
Ok, thanks for your replies, it was apparently a mint fudge and buttercream topping!
It tasted very nice, although thick, might have been a fudge type mix, but it was green, is that possible as I've only seen fudge recipes with chocolate?
I have a question about a cupcake topping I experienced today and I wondered if anyone had any ideas what it might have been - it had the look of a thick buttercream, but it was pliable and could be moulded without making a mess and had obviously been piped on to the cupcake.  It had a mint flavour and stronger/ firmer texture than buttercream.  Any idea what it could have been made of?
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