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I have used Wilton Violet food coloring recently and the taste of the buttercream was beyond edible. Just bitter Is there a No Taste Purple or Violet on the market?
Good Afternoon, Normally I use Callebaut chocolate for decorations but I wanted to try those Candy Melts you buy at Michaels. Here is my question - can I store the decorated cake (buttercream and chocolate) in the fridge? Or will the candy melt bloom? Thank you!
"Do I really have to pay you for it? It's just a cake..." I am so over people who want everything for free.
Oh that's a fantastic Idea! I saw our local Aldi has a cake pop pan on sale this Sunday. I might just pick one up
I mastered my first cupcake bouquet yesterday. I am pleased with the result but not overly excited. I have to find a better way to arrange the cupcakes.
Welcome to the food business. You work when everyone else is having fun and at the end the end of your paycheck you still have bills left to pay.
Someone was just asking the same question last night. I would do a search on this board
I have seen this cake on Pinterest. If you google birch bark cake you will find a lot of ways to make it. I will keep looking to see if I can find a tutorial
You forgot cheese out of a can That's scary too!
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