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Hi, I usually make cakes from scrach using 2 1/4 cup of cake flour (sifted). I would like to know if I substitute a cup of box cake mix in my recipe would I have better tasting and a fluffier cake. I usually bake sheet cakes in a 2" cake pan. Has anyone evr substituted a cup  cake mix for the cake flour in a scratch cake recipe? and if so how were the results? Also I wanted to know if its ok to use  sifted all purpose flour instead of cake flour? what would the diffence...
Hi, I tried making the football helmet face mask last night and it was hard for me to assemble on the rounded canister. How do you get the "logs" on the end to stay in place on the rounded canister? Is there a quicker way to get the 50/50 gumpaste and fondant to dry faster (like can i put in in the refrigerator)? thank you.
Thank you, this is helpful.
This is a great idea!! thank you so much. I am going to try it this way. Using a smart. Thanks so much
Thank you so much!! very helpful
I tried the pens only because I was not able to write on the icing properly. I'd rather just write by pipping...that's where I am having trouble. I guess what I am asking is what size tip (thanks for the answer) and how to make it look nice. What's funny is that I have really good penmanship but my pipping icing is not good. I just wanted any suggestions that you all may have. thanks for response.
Hi All, I am new to cake decorating. I am finding it a little hard for me to write messages on cakes frosting in buttercream or fondant. I've tried Wilton's cake writing pens and they didn't work on the fondant. Can you help me with a better way to write on buttercream or fondant? thanks
Hi, I have a cake to do this weekend that has a N.O. Saints theme with just the color and the symbol. The client wants a fleur de lis somewhere on the cake. I want to put it on the center of a 1/4 sheet cake that will be iced with buttercream. I printed off a pciture of a fleur de lis on regular paper. I want to attempt to use the paper as a template on the fondant. Is this possible or is there a better way to do this if I do not have cardstock to print on or an actual...
thanks, good idea!!
Ok, thank you so much
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