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My standard batter for an 8" double layer cake (or a standard box cake mix for that matter) makes 16-18 cupcakes for me (I do use a larger size liner, not the 'standard' cupcake liners). So that tells me I an pretty spot on for telling my customers my 8" 2 layer round cake will serve at least 15 (plus a little left over). That's a great way to figure this out. Thanks!
OK, I just don't understand these wedding cake serving guides. I know I am short-changing myself as the baker but I don't go by Wilton's TINY standard piece. If a box cake mix says it makes 12 servings and it fits perfectly in an 8" two layer why would Wilton say an 8" layer cake serves SO many more than that? I use the standard of an 8" serves 15, 10" serves 30, 12" serves 45, 14" serves 60 and 16" serves 90 for my cakes (double layer). People usually do have some left...
Yes, it is big! I don't have or have never used a central support system, and don't really want to buy one just for one cake, but you're right - it looks like that's what they probably used.
Yes, it could be. Maybe a support dowel thru the cake above and the 'dummy' cake below would keep it stable enough?
I tried, but Cake Central is holding my post since I'm new a member.
I have seen pictures of wedding cake tiers that are separated by what looks like a covered box. The box is smaller than the tier above it so it looks "recessed". Is this just a cardboard collar covered in paper or fondant and wrapped around pillars used with separator plates? Or is there some other product being used for this? I have a client who brought me a picture of the wedding cake she wants and I'm just not sure how to do the "box" separating the tiers.
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