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Hi everyone! i have been recently approached to make a simple 2 tiered wedding cake using lemon flavouring in the cake. I want to find out if i can just add lemon rind and lemon juice to a victoria sponge recipe or would buying lemon cake flavouring taste better? I've never made lemon cake before so this is going to be my first time I want to cover the cake in fondant but am unsure of what to coat the cake with before covering in fondant. I'm planning on using regular...
Hi there. I'm also looking for a good lemon cake recipe that will hold fondant. I also want to know what would be best to cover the cake with before rolling on the fondant. Should i cover the cake in buttercream and then put the fondant on top?  Any ideas would be apreciated!
Can anyone suggest a good frosting for piping please? i'm having trouble with finding the right consistency
Hi there. I have been looking high and low for sparkly edible glitter to sprinkle over my fresh cream and buttercreamed cakes. I purchased some glitter but it resembled sand more then anything and didnt even sparkle . The glitter i'm looking for is very fine and extremly sparkly, looks beautiful when sprinkled on cakes. If anyone knows of a particular brand and where i can purchase it then i'd love to hear from you. I live in the UK if that helps.   Thank you xxxxxx
Great! Thank you SweetSinsationz
Hi there! A while back i mentioned that i would be making a MAC make-up cake, this was my very 1st attempt, its a 12 inch cake.
Hi there. I'm new to making sheet cakes. I wanted to find out if a normal cake mixture can be used in making sheet cakes please
Has anyone tried this buttercream recipe? and as for the sugar in the recipe, is that powdered sugar?
is this mixture still stiff enough to pipe buttercream roses on cupcakes plz?
I got some great advice on toppers the same as yours from CC. I use Renshaws fondant and add some tylose powder to it to make it firmer, then cut out the discs and add toppings onto that. I usually put the toppers straight onto swirled buttercream and they don't become soft, they stay well supported thanks to the tylose. I even keep the in the fridge for a while before serving and they stay perfect, Hope that helps.
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