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Worked out great thanks for your help!
Your awesome! Thanks for the tip!
Hello, I have white fondant that i will be colouring yellow - this is my first time adding tylose to help my decorations harden so would I add the tylose powder to the fondant before colouring or after its coloured? Thanks!!
Hello everyone, I'm making a ball cake and don't have any cooking spray - how would I line the dome pan to prevent the cake from sticking? Thank you!
Maybe you can help me out? I purchased yellow merken melts to make pokemon cake pops - but the yellow seems too light.. What colour should I mix with it to make it more of a vibrant yellow? Thanks so much!
Oh that's a great idea and the kids would love it! Thanks I may try that out
Hello everyone! I'll be making a batch of ninja turtle cake pops for a friends child's birthday this week and am stuck on what would be the best way to make the little masks - I'm trying to avoid fondant but it will be my last resort if I don't think of another way to make the mask - perhaps pipe royal icing? However I'm worried of how it will hold. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!! Thank you
How long in advanced can I make cake pops and have them still tasting great?
Well here it is... I could've done a MUCH better job on it however had a death in the family and had to travel a 19 hour drive so I had to start and finish the cake within an evening including purchasing all supplies!
Wonderful! Thank you!
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