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Im new to making cakes and i wanna price based on servings but i have no idea how tell how many a cake can serve. Ive seen people look at cakes and can tell how many people it will serve but im just clueless lol. can somebody tell me how to do this? thanks.
Okay thanks
Im wanting to get a mat to roll out mmf on but have no idea where to get one or whats a good brand. I want a big one. if yall could help that would be great!
My husbands cousin wants me to make her sisters wedding cake to feed 100 people. i have only made 2 tier cakes before so i dont know what size cake i would need to make nor how much i should charge. I dont wanna charge to much since this will be my first big cake its just a simple white fondant cake with real flowers on it. please help im so new at this. thanks.
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