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Hi I was wondering what colors you would think could make this...
Thank you all for the information, going to try some new tings for my 2 cakes this week.  Hopefully it goes as well as I am thinking it will.... cross my
watched the video on Cakemasters and she uses a flexi smoother.  From what I gather it is like Xray type material.  Does anyone have any information on where you could get flexi smoothers? Thanks
I think I am going to try the ganache with a white chocolate or a milk chocolate for this castle cake I am doing. Thanks for your help.
what type and flavor of Ganache do you use, I have tried it once as a filling and was super rich and dark Chocolate flavor which was not a huge hit. thanks  
I am just working on a Princess castle cake for this weekend and wanted to try to get my edges sharper than I have been able to.  Does anyone have any good videos that they know of for covering and getting sharp edges? Thanks  
HI   I have only been baking and decorating for a few months now and this is my 8th cake I have done.  I am having a hard time getting my edges to be sharp looking instead of rounded.  I try to get my dirty ice as smooth and edges as sharp as possible before I put my fondant on but it always ends up rounded.  This is on a WASC cake for each layer.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Brandon            
anyone have any good white chocolate filling for this cake?
HI I am looking for help with a cake I am needing to make in a few weeks.  I need to make a Vanilla Sour Cream cake with a white Chocolate mouse with strawberries for the filling.  I was wondering if anyone has some good recipes that would work.  I have found a cake that i am looking at trying from this thread.   Has anyone ever made or tasted it and if so is it a good moist cake?   I also...
LOL, sorry for my spelling issues.  I was in the middle of a Fondant rage as I was typing.  I tried another batch tonight and I got the consistency.  I only added in 2 drops of coloring to start and then 2 more towards the end.  I decided to let it rest overnight to see how the color turns out.  when I wrapped it up for the night it was still a purplish color.  Hopefully it turns black for the cake I am working on.  My last resort will be to use Wilton Fondant, I have...
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