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Akrainis, that makes sense. He needs to put something on that idea with the package because I spent all afternoon working with this stuff, and only made 24 roses in that time because it was so hard to work with. Thank you for the tip. :) 
Yes, this was the ready made stuff, and it's rather expensive for all the trouble it's not worth it. I did finally put it in the microwave for a couple seconds and at least that made it soft enough to work with. It should say that on the package. The stuff was like dry play-doh that sat out a couple of hours. I had to massage it for about 30 minutes each time I wanted to make my roses.  The good thing about it was that it never got sticky, never caught onto my tools or...
I am sitting here trying to work with this stuff and it's terrible so far. The more I work it the more it cracks and dries. Have any of you used it? Any secrets I need to know? thank you! So far, I'm not impressed at all.  
crushed cheerio's?
Hi Jade,   I like trying to come up with names, here are a few that crossed my mind...     Made in the Jade Cupcakes & Confections   Not-Ley Ordinary Bakery   Made by Jade Cakes & Confections ( haha..had to think hard on that one)   Good luck!!
Thank you! I'm just looking at all the cakes here, and some are gorgeous. I feel a little intimidated to even be posting here! I have a lot to learn, but it's so much fun.
Thank you! The cake was a 6 and 10, vanilla almond bottom with raspberry filling , and the top was chocolate with a whiskey ganache. I did 50 cupcakes each with a gumpaste rose and the topper is all gumpaste roses, as well as the beads. Yes, it's a fondant cake. The cupcakes have a small fondant embossed heart as well.   I just made a birthday cake for a "friend" and although we discussed prices before I made it, today when she picked it up she said she was a little...
This has probably been asked a million times, but tears have brought me here because I never know what to charge for a cake. Could I post some pictures and you guys tell me what you would charge? I've only done three so far, I'm just starting and have a lot to learn. You can critique me as well. Thank you.     Anyways..thanks for reading my post.    
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