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Whoops just noted I put 12 cupcakes but there were 24 not 12.
Thank for the comments! There isn't a whole lot left of the fondant but would be willing to reduce their reimbursement for that though I have no plans to make any more cakes in the near future. My main concern is how much these cakes would be worth based on time spent or servings etc. regardless of the cost of the materials. Any insight into that would be really helpful.   thanks again!
Most of the money went to purchase the fondant - at about $28 each for a  5lb tub of black (they didn't have smaller and I didn't have time to experiment making black), 5lb red, 10lbs of green, 5lbs of white, gum paste, cake drums, boards, specialty pans,  flour, sugar, eggs, butter, etc.
Hi! I am a hobby baker/decorator but was recently asked to do a big cake job for my brothers boss.   For a very large (75 adults, 50 kids) birthday party for 1 year old twin girls:    2 3d ladybug cakes (I used the wilton soccer ball for the body and the mini ball pan for the head on top of a 12" base (2 layers) - covered in fondant    12 cupcakes with buttercream frosting (each with a leaf, flower and mini ladybug on top)   2 smash cakes   I only had...
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