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I find supermarket brands too soft & it's just so much easier with the more expensive brands. I order renshaws on ebay
I'm on a pta so they probably saw your beautiful cake & thought they could raise lots of extra money by having a guess the weight but didn't realise how fragile cake toppers would be with all that handling x
I use half of the cocoa & half drinking chocolate & I get perfect red cakes now
The US americolours are not deemed food safe in Europe so there's a different version available here. I use Wilton & sugar flair & find them great
I use a Madeira recipe mostly now as my sponge recipe is just too soft. It's ok for just 1 tier cake as long as there's not much weight to the decoration otherwise it tends to sink in a little
I'm in the uk & use a full bottle of silver spoon Red & for the amount of cocoa in the recipe - I use half cocoa & half drinking chocolate (green& blacks) & they always come out perfect now. I've had many a red velvet colour disaster !
It's a nice pale yellow but I suppose it depends on the cream you use
Butter - fake ! Am I missing something ? Milk is churned to make butter, I often make it by over whipping heavy cream, just a pinch of sea salt & it's beautiful & natural
Love the sound of Oreo filling ! Is it just crushed Oreos mixed into buttercream ?
Wow ! I can't see how those prices cover basic ingredients never mind anything else !!
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