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Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I ended up making pineapple curd. Also added coconut extract to the smbc. It was delicious!
Thanks!! I know what not to do now! Pineapple curd sounds like a good alternative.
I felt the same way when I first tried SMBC!! I have added cream cheese to SMBC. Delish! Also I made cotton candy SMBC once. All I did was melt cotton candy (I bought at rite aid in the candy aisle) in a little bit of heavy cream then mix it in. So good! Suggestions please? I want to make a pineapple coconut SMBC. I was planning to add coconut flakes and drained crushed pineapple. Has any one tried adding crushed pineapple before? Or should I first make a purée?
From scratch sf has a delicious vanilla cake recipe. Just cut the recipe in half.
I want to make a pineapple coconut SMBC. I was planning on adding coconut flakes and a can of crushed pineapple, drained. I've never added fruit to SMBC so I don't know if this ok to do. Or do I need to make a pineapple purée first and then mix that in? I appreciate you're help!
I have my sister do it! She has better handwriting than I do haha. If not I use cutters. Edible markers are also easier for me to use than piping.
I'm selective on who I give my recipes out to. I agree with those who said that just because you give someone a recipe doesn't mean they'll execute it right. Many times that's why I don't mind giving my recipes out. But if it is a recipe that I'd like to keep within my immediate family, then people should understand.
Thanks so much! I kind of thought that would be too big but wasn't sure. I have covered square cakes before but I'm going to practice some more before then to try to get my edges more sharp. 😀
Hi everyone! I plan on making a cake like this for my grandparents 50th anniversary party. I want it to come out really special for them so I would appreciate any tips or tricks on how you think the cake was decorated. Also what size do you think each tier is? Initially I was thinking of making. 6" 9" 12" cake since that would perfectly serve the amount of people attending the party. However, to me it looks like this cake is a 8" 10" 12" and I like the way it looks. Also...
jason_kraft Thanks for your quick reply. I will check out those websites.
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