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im new to cc...How do i put a real ribbon on a whipped cream cake!? Help please
Me pidieron un pastel de boda pero va a ser d tres leches. y va estar unas 4 o 5 horas antes de partirlo. no se cual frosting ponerle para,q no se desaga con el calor.
something like this with 8 of them though
Well its eight seperate cakes each on one.
I have a 8 tier cake im doing for a wedding & i been looking to buy a set of cake stands but they are all made of hard worried they qont support wieght good???
thanks for the ide of adding pudding
Thanks i will give it a try
im new to CC i have been trying to find a whipped cream frosting stabilized enought to pipe onto cupcakes. can anyone give me any suggestions or recipes thanks
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