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Hi,some times ago I made a tutorial for a cake with stripes... that helps
That's a large, wide paintbrush, where I cut the long bristles...Sorry for my english, explain in german is easier for me
Yes, I used only thinned paste colour without icing.
I made two stenciled cakes, both with thinned paste colour from sugarflair.The paste was thinned with a little bit vodka and I stenciled with a wide, chopped paintbrush.It worked perfect - take a look in my pics...
My next cricut cake I used the deep (blue) housing with blade Blade depth = 4 Speed = low Pressure = med The original design is from a fabric pic I found in the web, adapted with inkscape and cut with scal
I stenciled the pattern on this cake with lightly thinned (wodka) sugarflair paste color. In my opinion this method is so much easier than stenceling with RI...
I used the deep (blue) housing with bladeBlade depth = 4Speed = lowPressure = med
That's the second cake I made with my cricutI made the pattern for the stencils with SCAL and cut the mylar with the circut.This cake was my entry for the first german cake show in Hamburg, I won the third place in the wedding cake categorie
I used my cricut whit SCAL and don't need various cartidges. One cartrige in the machine is enough and you can cut out all fonts and pictures you find in the web....
Veronica, I put the cut outs on a lightly damped kitchen paper. This method was shown on the DVD from deseretdesigns . com
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