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Part 2 of the tutorial is online!
Thanks everyone for your friendly replys @all4cakeThe veiner is the poppy veiner from Diamond Paste & Mold Co.
Now the tutorial for my peony in the gallery is ready Your can find the tutorial on my blog.On the lower right side is the google translator - for people who don't speak german fun!Monika
Hi,in this post are sooo many informations for settings and the gumpaste
Yes, I think so....I have the cricut personal with the 6 x 12" mat.I made some cakes with the cricut with cutouts or stencils...
Here is the template from stellastarchildHTH
On the right side of my blog, under the archive and the links, is the google translator
I don't cut WITH the ring, I cut AROUND the ring with a sharp knife.The ring is an adjustable cake ring, which you can buy here in Germany in household supply stores or by amazon
I make very often cakes with whipped cream filling inside, because we don't like heavy cakes with buttercream.On my blog is a tutorial with some pics... tutorial is in german, but the pics are self-explanatory - I hope so Merry christmas!
You're welcome, wildwolves
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