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You're welcome
In this pdf from Scott Clark Woolley are instructions for a passion flower:
I stencil with thinned (with vodka) sugarflair paste. It works simply wonderful
You're welcome, Cakefairy
Some times ago I made a tutorial for a cake with stripes
I fill my cakes with this method: the right side of the blog is the google translator...HTH
It's not that important. which pan are used for baking The single cakes of this weddingcake are very crooked before I ganached them, because they'd thick fillings.I ganached the cakes with a rate of 3 parts white chocolate and 1 part whipped cream. The ganache hardens in the fridge overnight before I covered the cakes with fondant. It's possible to shape sharp solid edges with ganache.
My favorite gum paste, too!
Sure, but that's another peony - the flower will be not so fluffy...
Yes, I give classes!Informations are on the left side of my blog
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