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Hi,I often fill my cakes with very soft fillings like whipped cream with fruits and don't like a thick damn with sweet, stiff icing.I cut a ring out of cake and fill the cake IN the ring On my blog is a tutorial for this methode:|en&hl=enHTH
Some times ago I made a tutorial for a peony without cutters. I worked with templates Part 1|en&hl=enPart...
Gern geschehen! You're welcome Apti !The peony pic is linked with a tutorial for those flowers - please use the translator also
Under the peony pic are many little flags. Please click on the english flag
Wow, that's my cake Yes, the board is covered with fondant. Some times ago I made a tutorial for this... the right side of the blog under the peony picture is a translator I made the bow freehand out of gumpaste without a book ...
@DianeOn the right side on my blog is the babel fish translator Please scroll a little bit down...Sweet regards from Germany,Monika
I agree doramoreno, whipped cream directly under fondant is a no go.Possibly I misunderstood the question...
Yes, it will work
I often fill my cakes with whipped cream or mousse...On my blog is a tutorial for my way the right hand side below the peony pictures is the google translator....Happy caking!
I agree with LisaPeps about the ratio of chocolate and cream.When you ganached a cake with this strong ratio, the ganache will set hard and your edges stay crisp...@endymion I never cut the fondant for the sides and the top of my cakes separately.The edges on my cakes are always sharp, also on my last square wedding cake
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