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Thank you for this, I've been wanting to try this for ages. :D
I have my chocolate cake layers in the fridge, this was my first time baking ahead and refrigerating. I need to crumb coat before covering with fondant, does the cake need to be room temp before I do the crumb coat / fondant. If it needs to be is room temp for the crumb coat, should it be wrapped or unwrapped? - Thanks!
Thank you, I have seen a couple members mention Etsy as a potential place for selling so I am looking into it now. I will look for other sellers and possibly research other sites as well. Thanks again! ;-)
I'm thinking of selling my sugar flowers until I start getting cake orders. I'm just starting out in the cake decorating field. I was unable to obtain the pricing matrix and I'm not sure it had any info on prices for individual flowers or other decor. I would really appreciate any suggestions for pricing the sugar flowers and possibly a link to that excel file. Thanks in advance! - Julie
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