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ooook, thanks. was just looking for some ideas and advice not being laughed at. facebook drama everywhere
You are absolutely right. It is a dream of mine to impress and amaze people with my creations. but the stress that comes along, the finance and being swallowed by the business... that kinda kills the drive. But so far I do bake a lot, my mom use to get frustrated because they would gain weight with my weekly hobby... so now i bake for birthdays, bake sales or for the church. Thats why I was wondering if I could try this out in a bakery, so I could still do what I like...
Thank you very much for all the suggestions and yes you are right any position offered is a plus. Did a lot of thinking so i guess id go with everything, can always quit.... Well I am about to move to Miami, FL so I was looking online around that area but I think i have to wait and see what I find once down there.... But if anyone knows a place let me know. thanks again!!
Hello everyone, I am very new here and I decided to join this community because I read this would help me turn my hobby for baking and pastries into something more. I am looking for positions for internship, apprenticeship or on the job training in this field. Does anybody know how and where I can get started? I wouldnt want to work at places like Walmart bakeshop or similar, I am more interested in real bakeries or restaurants with baked specialties. Please help if...
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