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Adorable! Hope to see pictures. :0)
If you want it all ice cream you can do it with cookie crumbs and chocolate syrup in the middle. You will need some form of spring pan. I worked at Dairy Queen and they used just the outside of the pan. In other words the pan was same material as you use to bake a cake, but no bottom...If that make sense. Then it would freeze on the board. It was the vanilla soft swirl. Love their cakes. Go on you tube. I did see someone use the better cream as the previous poster...
Argyle? Hombre in shades of blue?
You can try the swirls that go up and down with any size tip. I used the same one to swirl on cupcakes. Forgot the tip #. It is like 1A or 40? Lol! Sorry but I included a pic. Good luck.
Hi there, I use whipped topping by pastry pride. (Smart and Final.) I have never had a problem. Depends on the wether I suppose. I just use buttercream for red or black. For bright colors I let the color develop a day or two. Just use the liquid americolor. The Wilton paste gives it a weird taste if you add too much. As far as whipping I usually mix 6 cups for a little over 12 minutes. You want it firm but still smooth...[IMG] I am showing you a couple of my cakes I...
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