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Cat, happy birthday! Your cake looks delish! Julia, great job on the cupcakes! Matty, your Hello Kitty cake looks adorable!   Here's my cake for this's a cars-themed 1st birthday cake for a friend.    
Yes :)
Cat, sorry for your losses. Matty, great job on the cake! I, too, have an 8 month old and it's really a challenge to find time to work on my cakes since you can't really predict illnesses and teething. If only he'd start sleeping thru the night! Sweetshop, love your cakes this week!   Here is's a pirate themed cake for my bestfriend's son's 1st birthday.    
It's fondant. I used royal icing, but it wouldn't hold in place so I used toothpicks. The petals kinda hid it, which was good :)
HI ladies! I'm loving everyone's work this week. I posted a few weeks ago, asking for help on how to make a dahlia for a friend's cake. Well, the party was today and I just wanted to show the finished product since everyone was so helpful :)    
Awesome tutorial...thank you!
Let me try this again...
Hi, I used to post here once in a while but stopped when I took a hiatus from doing cakes (as mainly a hobby) so I can focus more on my family. Anyway, I'm starting to get back into it and hopefully, I'll be more active here. I am making a cake in 2 weeks for a friend and she wants these flowers on it. Does anybody know what flower this is? How would you make it?    
Cat, sorry about the cancelled order but I'm glad you got to keep the payments. Norasmom, love the fountain cake topper. Great job! Tdove, I really like your starburst clean and elegant.   I made this cake after a month's hiatus. I made this for a friend's daughter who turned one today. She wanted to do a hearts theme to celebrate her daughter overcoming heart surgery at a young age of 3.5 months. My friend didn't want it to be Valentine-y, so she went with...
Cat, your cake is adorable! Cazza, love, love, love your cake! I made this cake as a last minute favor for a friend. She's having her son's christening today and she needed a cake to serve 15-20 people done in blue buttercream. This is my first ruffle cake. Overall, it was a fun cake to do!    
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