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Some of my most rewarding customers are under the age of 15! they get really excited about there birthday and subsequetly the cake!  
Ok all y'all cake genius out there I am making an "angry birds" cake this weekend and i was looking for some structure advice. I was planning on building the sling shot out of wire and building my gumpaste design around it?
Thank y'all all for the help. I will try increasing the shortening and the flavoring.. maybe I can turn bland sand into a really good cake :)  
Hey Y'all, I have been making cakes for a little over a year and am making the transition from "semi-homemade" cakes to scratch cake. I found what I thought was the perfect white cake (white almond) but it is exactly that it is a slightly dense cake with very little flavor. It has some good points it's light and takes to just about any flavoring and filling but alone it sucks! I have a lot of requests for white cake with butter cream filling and this cake is just not...
I found the cakeulater but that is the only one. I have not been able to try it yet though BC apparently it takes 48 hours for Google wallet to verify our account when u buy a new device. I would love to know about any others that u know of.
I just purchased my first tablet!!! Go me!! LOL and I am looking for apps that will help with calculating servings, the amount of fondant needed to cover a cake and also the total price. I have found several for apple but no Android apps. I dont know if i'm just not searching for the right thing or if there just isnt anything out there! Does anyone use/know of any Android apps that do this? Please let me know!
I was wondering if this app was ever designed. I'll looking for an android app to help with cake design. I can draw them out but it takes FOREVER and I would love to have an app that i can sketch the design attach it to an e-mail along with a price quote and send it to a customer right from my Google nexus  
I am making a cake this weekend and was thinking of using a "cookie royal" to pipe the Mario character on to parchment then put it on the cake after the cake is decorated. I am just worried about the royal melting. I do use a little different recipe than most as I add cream of tarter to my cookie royal to help it harden in our humid environment (south Louisiana) I know someone out there has to have tried this before please let me know if it worked for you or it there are...
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