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Can anyon tell me how I can get this color purple?!
    I have done a lot of cakes and this one just has me stumped, How would I do the middle part and where do I find the trays to put the cakes on? Also where get I find the edible race track to put around it?
Can someone help me?! What would you use to do the branches and does anyone know of a good tutorial for the flowers too?! Thanks in advance!
Hey,   Does anyone have any funny ideas for a mortuary cake? A friends husband is graduating from school and she wants to do something funny for him!!!
Thank you so much, Im doing white and brown so do you think white and brown fondant or buttercream??
    Can anyone help me with this cake??  Thank you!!
How many people does this cake serve?
Hi, I was wondering how many people does the pouring beer mug cake serve if you stack 4 6in rounds
I am doing the head a 9 inch round and putting a 12in square underneath!   How much would you charge?
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