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So if I need to do a layer that is right side light green and right side purple I cover the whole cake with the light green then put a purple over one half ?
what is the best or most favorite inks ,,,,
that is the frist time I used it 
here are the pics to show what I am talking about  someone help me !!!!!
I have the Canon MG5300 series and use ink4cake inks. for some reason my pictures come out with the brown and yellow tones instead of the regular picture. Am I doing something wrong ?
what are you using to blow up the bubble ?
Thanks for info I looked at your page but I don't have the type of machine and stuff you use for your projects. I have a canon printer and a cricut cake machine 
this is a candy wrapper software how do you use it for big cakes ? 
Thank you all for your advice !!!
I have rice paper to have you ever used that ?
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