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Hi Rudd,   Thank you! That seems way easier than what the customer wants...I wish.  They actually sent me pictures of some stuff they found online of what they want but none of them have tutorials. Thank you for the help!   Robyn
I tried to make the trunks out of candy clay but am having problems with them sticking to the front of the cake ball, even with it dipped in chocolate as glue.  When i dip the whole thing in the candy coating, the trunk falls off.  Does anyone have any tips or tricks to get the trunk to stay?   Thanks in advance! Robyn
Thanks for the responses! I appreciate hearing from another baker's side of things!
A customer wants to order mini cupcakes for her wedding.  She said she is "actually thinking of bringing in some party picks and decorating in the last minutes".  My initial reaction to this was to ask for a picture since they're going to be adding decorations that I won't see to my cupcakes.  My fear is that if the picks somehow don't work, they'll be associated with my cupcakes and will affect business.   Has anyone else come across this? If so, what did you...
This is such a great thread! I haven't read through everything but had a quick question for fellow bakers out there, especially those that have a business or charge.   I have a friend who is pregnant and a while ago we discussed cupcakes, cake pops, etc.; possibly even gender reveal cupcakes.  By now, though, she already knows her baby's gender (girl) and she's never gotten back to me about ordering cupcakes or cake pops.  I even offered to throw her a baby shower but...
I have a cupcake order for ocean-themed cupcakes. I've seen decorations using graham cracker crust to mimic sand. I'm wondering if anyone has tried it and if that actually tastes good. Should I limit the cupcake to a chocolate flavor in order to go with the crushed graham cracker? I imagine that something like red velvet wouldn't taste good with the crushed graham cracker. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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