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Yes, you're exactly right!  Thanks so much!
Thank you Claire138...the baby bottle is actually a 3D (2-part) chocolate mold that I picked up at my neighborhood cake decorating store.  I just glued both sides together with chocolate after unmolding!
Thanks, Wilma!  I actually impressed the diamond pattern BEFORE I placed the fondant on...also, this was not cake, it was for a cake competition, so it's foam....but I would have done everything exactly the same regardless.  Yes, the strap was cut into shape/length before applying to the bag.
Oh wow!  I was surprised to see this post on the front page after so many years!  Wilma...I did not really use a template for proportion...just kinda carved until it "looked" right.  I applied the fondant flap immediately after cutting it out to avoid elephant skin and cracking, etc.   Thanks so much!
NO, NO, and NO. This kind of customer is one of the many reasons I stopped making party cakes. IT'S A FREAKING BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR A 1 YEAR OLD ...NOT A WEDDING CAKE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Although I realize she is probably being polite in her communication, I can totally understand your frustration. Sorry to vent, just brought back some of the issues I used to deal with
I have used styrofoam dummies to elevate cakes exactly like this! They are very solid and the cake will be fine! I've sat a 5-tier cake on one smaller than the bottom tier and arranged flowers around it just like your picture! I would be nervous using a pillar/plate system. I think a dummy is the easiest and most effective way to go!
I did my first bridal show 1.5 years ago and it was an awesome experience! There are several shows in my area, so the year before making my decision, I attended ALL of them to see which one I thought was right for my business. It was the best decision I've ever made! Yes, there's an initial investment (which deterred me for years), but I got most of that back with two bookigns and in the weeks following the show, booked my calendar almost a year out! I know not...
As an avid user of the 1M tip, I'm nearly certain they are not 1M, however, I only use that tip so cannot help you determine which it sorry about that. I'll be following this thread for others' input, as I really love the look of this piping moreso than the 1M!!!
I use my pipe/flange assembly which is a plumbing flange attached to the bottom cake board with a PVC pipe in that, then each tier/riser is "cored" and threaded down over the pipe. Traditional supports (dowels or bubble tea straws) are necessary with each tier, of course, but this method prevents shifting/disasters during transit! There are pictures of my method in my gallery.
I use foam risers all the time! You can use cake dummies as mentioned above, or foam discs that you find at Hobby Lobby, Michael's...etc., and just cover them in ribbon. They will also need to sit on their own board to keep from coming into contact with the cake. Good luck!
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