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I need to make tiny neon music notes. Has anyone found a half inch or smaller fondant cutter or mold? The only thing i can seem to find are chocolate molds. Or.does anyone have a good idea to make music notes? Thanks
maybe some liquid food coloring?
Was the basketball much smaller in size than a real ball? Im having a hard time imagining how big the cake will be. Im aiming to do a ball and than have it sit on squares to have it look like the backboard of a hoop if that makes sense. than also make a Jersey cake in his school colors ,lol hope I have room in my fridge
I just accomplished my first cake for my daughters 2ND bday. 4 days later I have had 2 people request cakes I need a cake for a hs boy and was going to do a basketball theme cake. The party is going to have 70 guests so I going to make a cake than cupcakes. I was wondering if anyone had used the Wilton ball pan? It says it's only 6 in. In diameter but I was thinking that's far from a life size ball. Any tips would be appreciated
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