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Hi macs mom what size pan do you use for most of the recipes for an 11" Round I used just under 2 boxes xx thank u again liz xx
MacsMom you are my cake angel from afar xxxxx Thank you xxxxx
  if your looking for something similar to these....i dipped them in white first (i tinted the chocoate grey as this was the grooms colour) when the white is dry you dip it your cake pop at an angle in the other colour one side at a time to create the waistcoat. have fun x
i agree roll it really thin so you can of the see the pattern of the mat xx
Thank You Cake Angel from afar xxx:)
Had second thoughts and need to get a life :) will lookfor the other flavours and how we go xxx i'll let you know xx
Thank you x i think i'll look for a scratch recipe x
i've died and gone to cake heaven as for the WASC cake mix what box mix could i use in the UK? we do get Betty Crocker but havent seen a white almond. i usually raid Publix when we visit in the Summer but this year were going to Playa del Carmen Mexico,hope the Walmarts big and ready for me :))
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