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Yay! Im excited, your cookies always look awesome. I wish I could decorate like that, maybe after reading this I can
Any good websites to buy stuff for the house? Autumn wreathes, leaf decor, fall colors. Where I live we dont have a lot of good stores at all...wondering where you get your stuff!!
I'm a military wife. Almost married 2 years, been together over 5. My husband is in the Navy. Was stationed in Norfolk for 4 years on the USS Nassau, then we got married and we were sent to Key West Fla! ..Weve got til Dec 2007 here. Anyone else stationed in Key West?! The perks are ok, the commissary here isn't the greatest, its very very small, but has the basics so it's ok. A lot cheaper than out in town!! It's so expensive here!!!! ... If anyone would like to talk the...
You could just do "happy birthday" but with each month have a monthly theme, like in calenders. Sept - fall, leafs changing, acorns. October - Halloween-ish. Nov - Turkeys, squash, Dec - red and green - xmas tree ... I guess that would work. July would be cute- make a swimming pool!
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