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Thank you!
Can someone post the link to the recipe? Can it be used for icing dummy cakes for an event? Thanks
Which one did you end up buying?
So did you ever make it?
I made the faces. They are pretty easy to make with balls and then just flatten the top for eyes a bit and give a rounder shape for the nose and mouth. I didn't make the rest of the body but as long as you make individual parts and stick toothpicks in them to join them later on, it should be ok. I just finished working on some dinosaurs with all body parts and thats what i did. Just put something in support while they dry like my dinos faces when joined with the body...
Hi, I have to make a cake themed ocean with lots of glitter on it. Where can I find this glitter? If there is a name please let me know and does it dissolve? As in how long before do I have to put it on before delivering the cake? Thanks
Thank you very much. I will bake something tonight and will start decorating tomorrow :D Cant wait ... so excited and I have three boys and they will all love it :D and once again a job well done :)
Thank you. I know I am replying waayyy tooo late but it was more of a shadow effect. I just got a printout:D
Hi, Amazing work! How did you get that texture on the cake and the shine? I am planning to make one for my son's birthday in 3 days..please reply soon. Thanks
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