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Those links are great! Thank you for the help :)  
That is really helpful!! Thank you very much :)  
Those links are very helpful! Thank you :)  
Great tips :) thanx!  
I have the same problem with my buttercream. The flavour is good but the texture is grainy... I will have to try some of the tips some of you have given!  
Thanx for sharing!! The cake is beautiful!!  
  Hi!! This is my first time posting on forum :) I hade an opportunity to make this cake for a woman, but I had to decline because I don't know how to sculp a cake :( I am still a newbie in cake decorating! However, I am curious on how this cake is made.. Could anybody explain how it is made and if all the body parts are made with cake or are some made with cereal treat? And also, are there any sites online where I can learn to sculp...
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