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Oh wow. I never thought of cutting and buttercreaming a cake to put in the fridge for the next day decorate. That sounds extreeemely convenient!!! I'm a little scared the cold cake will make the fondant sweat when I put it on. Do I have to bring fully back to room temp before fondanting? This is great! Thankyou
I once made baked and decorated a cake on Monday for Thursday, they ate it on Friday and told me the buttercream Center was curdled. Do you think if I bake and decorate on Tuesday and leave out if the fridge it will be okay for Friday?
Help! I'm stressing because I'm not sure what day to do things. If others could tell me what they do u can get an idea. I am using several packet mixes. I have Monday, tues, wed. Thursday is pickup so that day I won't have any touch up time, but the parties in Friday. I will be baking, buttercream Center, white choc ganache over the top, then fondant and decorating the top. I stress with timing and freshness. I always worry hellp.
I'm doing 2 Tiffany square blue Tiffany boxes. One for 10 people and one for 20 people. How much should I charge and what inch square tin should I use. Thanks in advance.
I have done 2 cakes and just did each cube from memory about 25-30grams each. A big waste of fondant but looked very good. I tried putting foil inside and wrapping the foil with fondant but it didnt work. I didn't bother attempting to use cake
I'm a hI'm a hairdresser by trade, we make bleached yellow hair white by adding violet/purple toner, so this makes total sense lol
If you use full fat butter it can be quite yellow. Try using a low fat butter. A farmer said its what the cows eat that determine how yellow it is. You have to find the right brand, my cake supplier in Sydney knows a particular brand, which ofcorse I've forgotten.
I did a cupcake corse and they used this gold dust, aparantly very expensive and has edible real gold bits in it. She put the dust in separate little containers, added vodka to make a thick paste, an with a paintbrush painted it on. Then the paste in the container will eventually dry because of the alcohol will evaporate it over a few days.
I went to iced affair yesterday to buy some fondant and yes I saw it there! Lol
Thanks everyone!!! I tried with a thick buttercream and for the first time it worked!! I thought people used royal icing for some reason because I've seen these particular cupcakes that were slightly hard to the touch, but was infancy soft on the inside. The reason I wanted a little harder crust was for transportation reasons.
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