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Hahaha, it bleeped out pea****!! Did i spell it wrong?!?
Hello! I decorate cakes and cookies as a hobby for fun and my friend really liked some cookies I did recently and asked if I would make them as favors for her wedding that is in 2 months... Now nobody has ever asked me to do anything like this before and I dont know what I should ask her to pay. She will have about 60 people and she wants 2 cookies per person wrapped in gift bags with ribbon. The cookies are simple sugar cookies with royal icing and hand painted pea****...
Also any ideas as to why I only had bubbles in the beads and not in my flooding?
Oh thank you sugarkissed, I love sweetopia but I have never seen this tutorial before! It helps a lot!  Also Evoir, I only have a handheld electric mixer (I am saving up for a fancy kitchen aid) even the lowest setting on this would be ok? I actually use sweetopia's royal icing recipe ;)  And Peppercorns, I will make sure to try different icings on wax paper before my next project, great idea, dunno why I didnt think of that LOL
Hi, beginner decorator here so bear with me if this seems juvenile... I thought I had the royal icing technique down but when I piped some beads around the edges of my cookies they dried with little holes in almost every bead! The beads looked fine when I piped them and I didn't have any bubbles when I flooded the cookies, maybe my piping was bad? You can kinda see in the picture...      
Thank you so much for responding! This is my first post and this seems to be a wonderful and informative site for a beginner decorator like me! Thanks for the link, those paintings were beautiful! I am going to try fondant instead of royal icing and use straight food color gel. :) 
Nobody has any experience painting on cookies? That is very discouraging :(
Hello, i recently painted some designs on my sugar cookies and it did not dry properly. I flooded the cookies with royal icing and let them dry overnight, i mixed gel food color with equal parts vodka and painted my designs. It came out really pretty but 3 days later the designs are still not competely dry... I'm wondering if i would have better luck if i covered my cookies with fondant and paint on that? Any advise will help, this is my first time painting cookies! Thank...
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