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Does anyone have a good recipe for ganache under fondant? The last time I did it i think I used a bag of chocolate chips and 2 cups of heavy cream. It got very melty when kept out at room temp and it wasn't even hot out. Thanks!
Thanks everyone!! Glad you all like it!! I didn't make a tutorial for this, but ask any questions you'd like. The makeup is made out of fondant. In fact, everything is fondant except the strap, that's gum paste.
Thank you so much! I appreciate it!
Heres my first purse cake with some fondant and gum paste make up. What do you think? It has a perishable filling so it's in the fridge
Hey guys! When you're making a tiered cake what do you put between tiers? A thin piece of cake board? What do you think best?
Just wondering... Do you guys bake your cakes, let them cool then put them in the fridge before crumb coating? Or do you just let the cool and crumb coat? What do you find best? Thanks!
Thank you!! Haha total brain fart! I meant " instead of ' A 12 foot cake would be quite difficult I'd imagine lol.
Hi all! I'm new to posting, but have lurked for a long time. I have a couple questions regarding 2 tier fondant cakes (I'm a newbie!) When making a two tier cake are both tiers two layers or is it one layer cut in half? Meaning is the bottom two baked cakes and the top two baked cakes? Or is the bottom and top one just halved? Also, which is more customary? The bottom 12' and the top 8'? Or 10' and 8'? Thanks!!
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