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 Love the cake! Its nice to see all buttercream for a change! I guess the people who ordered have a farm? Is that a chicken in the back? Great work :)
From the photo (I couldn't zoom in) the designs look very flat like sugar sheets/ edible sheets.
 Bashini, great cake- so colourful and neat! Did you do the chinese characters with a mold or are they handmade? Maisie, I don't necessarily see cake designs around me, but I do think about them and obsess about them a lot. Currently its an easter cake- can't decide on flavours (they are all yum) or design (they are all gorgeous!). I'll need to decide soon because easter is just around the corner!
 Hello all, I'm still here as cakejeanie lol. I've contacted Heath, one of the founders I believe, about changing my profile name or deleting my account and starting over, whichever can be done. I'm going to be making cake pops in June for the fundraising summer fair at my daughter's school. I'll probably have to practice first as I've never tried candy melts.  Lovely cake as always, nannycook!
Lovely rose cake Nannycook! I tried that once with whipped cream on a black forest cake and it was a disaster lol   Just letting you all know I will be attempting to delete my account and then start again with a new one. I made the mistake of using my business name as my profile name. In case customers google me, I don't want them to see my posts here on CC.   Apparently once you have given a user name you cannot change it- why on earth not I do not know. Those are the...
 whooooaaaaahhh that is fabulous! I've never seen that style before. I'm about to have a look at your instructions :)
I agree. I've seen AZCouture's website before and the cakes are stunning! Love the designs and execution :)
O wow gosh I go to the park with my little one and I have missed loads lol   Maisie, what about roses. I didn't do this cake, but it is something I got from google:     I've also been wanting to try ruffles (again, not my cake but a google image:)     Siany, sorry I couldn't help. The others seem to have the answers!    Crazygray, I wanna see your wedding cake! I guess its somewhere on this thread so will backtrack now and look for it!   So many have done...
 Yes it is more than a bargain. Definitely review your pricing- but go higher instead of lower. Have a look at the threads about pricing cakes- I think the most important factor that gets overlooked is the labour involved. From baking the cakes, torting, icing, kneading/rolling/colouring fondant, covering cakes, making animals- that's a lot of hours that I don't think you're getting paid for.
 Katie135, Yes if you said that to her it won't be professional of you.  If you don't think you can recreate the cake for her to her exact standards, then I think you are within reason to diplomatically and professionaly say no. I wouldn't say yes to a cake order that I wasn't capable of.  If you think you can recreate the cake, but you're just afraid she will be a nightmare, then draft a contract that will include the fact that you may not be able to recreate the colours...
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