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So glad I found this! I have a running shoe to do and this helps so much!!!
Thank you so much! I am new to using fondant/gumpaste so I appreciate the help. I will have to try this out this weekend to see how it does. Thanks again!!!
Usually for a 6 inch circle it is about 1/4 a mix, 8 inch is 1/2 mix, 10 inch is 1 mix usually you use about 1/2 mix more as you go up...the squares are a little bigger so u start with a 1/2 mix and then go up...
Not sure if this is what you are looking for but you can fill two 8 inch cake pans with one cake mix. SO a half mix in each....Hope that helps
I have a cake to do in two weeks and I need to find a template or pattern for a baby running shoe. I am putting two of the shoes on a 6 inch round cake. Can anyone help me?
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