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That sounds great!! Thank you so much!!
The recipe I am using is a chocolate cake with coconut filling... Thank you for the recipe and tips!! Sounds good to me!
Mmm that does sound yummy!!
Any good recipes for ganache or buttercream for an almond joy cake?? And which do y'all prefer for the frosting and filling??? Thanks!!
I just wanted to say thank you to all of you that have commented and been so encouraging... It took me a while to get the nerve to post pictures out of fear of being ripped to pieces on here but I am so thankful to everyone!!! Y'all have made me feel good and I greatly appreciate it!!!
Thank you very very much!!!!
Thank you so much!!
Thank you so very much!!! Haha I'm not sure how I didn't mess it up when I moved it!!! A whole lot of praying and only the grace of God!!! Thank you for all of your sweet comments!!!
Thank you so much!!! Just go for it and give it all you have!! it was well worth it!!
Thank you! considering everything I've done in the past month has been my first ever I say everything has gone well.... I posted some pics on my profile..
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