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I have read through all the threads on topsy turvies, and I think I have confused myself. I am planning a 3 tier for this weekend, for my sons 1st birthday (so not a paying customer). I am not to concerned about serving numbers, I already know there will way too much cake but I am more interested in adding it to my portfolio. I plan to start with 6, 8 and 10 inch round cakes. from there I am going to carve the tops (they will be 4" tall to start with and I will flip the...
hell no!call her out on that crap. send her a message saying no refund, then tell her her statements don't add up. if she threw the cake out how did she take it into work for her co-worker to try? I would tell her that alone is enough to show me she is lying and trying to get out of trouble for not getting the real guitar. bet she wouldn't contact you again once you called her bluff
thanks everyone, maybe I am over thinking it
I once had a lady ask for a quote on a themed cake, I gave her a couple of designs and the prices. she text back saying, sorry, but she only wanted a topper made and could I do that? I later seen her in supermarket and she said 'I am just using a giant cupcake tin, have you ever used one of them?' my response was 'no, I carve all my cakes, including my giant cupcakes, that way I can change the design a little and allow for serving sizes.' lady says 'oh, I guess that's why...
Has anyone ever had someone say to them 'I'm not really a cake person, but your (flavour) cake was amazing'? Is this really a compliment? On face value it is, because they are saying your cake was nice, but if they are 'not a cake person' then I take that as they don't really eat a lot of cake, so do they have much to compare it to? What do you think?
thank you
Just wondering if any one can identify these flowers? A bride sent me this pic so I have no idea who to credit or ask. if I can find out what sort of flowers they are I will know where to start looking to find how to make them
Your welcome, I will have a look and check it out. I love looking at everyone's work
There is a thread here called 'Share your Facebook page!' maybe you could start there, or add it to your profile info, I just clicked on your profile to have a look at it but it wasn't there
and they are much better NOT refrigerated
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