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are you sure that is the right picture? I don't think that is a pic of a cake
yep, should be fine. just watch that it doesn't dry out too quickly while cooking. a tray of water in the base of the oven will help. also let it cool completely in the pan and try to resist cutting it for 24hrs
I have made one shoe before. I used some fondant to make a mold to dry the sole on so I got a nice shape to it. I spent quite a while shaping the fondant mold then wrapped it tightly in plastic wrap so I didn't waste it all. it was basically a slope with a flatter bit at the top and bottom for the heel and toe. I think this pic of the almost completed shoe shows what I mean about the shape of the sole. Other than that I think you have done a fantastic job of both the shoe...
It's very cute! I can't quite work out what it says though (I think I got most of it, just not sure of the order in the bottom tier)
thank you, I am not very happy with the angles. I think the middle is not sharp enough compared with the top and bottom and it kinda throws the whole balance off. lucky it was just for us at home and not a paying customer.
I had only one cake this weekend, for today (Sunday in Australia) it was my first topsy turvy for my sons first birthday. I was not completely happy with it, but everyone else loved it so I guess it was passable to cake muggles
I agree with Liz, I believe the fan is your problem
I can't think of the brand of my compressor of the top of my head, I will go and check for you when I put the baby to bed. my brush is a 'Neo' by Iwata. it's a duel action gravity fed, and I have never had a problem with it. I have only used americolor airbrush colours, and their silver, bronze and pearl have been great (haven't used their gold yet sorry) as far as the investment goes, mine was a package with compressor, brush, a set of colours, turntable, some stencils...
I have read through all the threads on topsy turvies, and I think I have confused myself. I am planning a 3 tier for this weekend, for my sons 1st birthday (so not a paying customer). I am not to concerned about serving numbers, I already know there will way too much cake but I am more interested in adding it to my portfolio. I plan to start with 6, 8 and 10 inch round cakes. from there I am going to carve the tops (they will be 4" tall to start with and I will flip the...
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