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THanks Pinky.  It makes me feel better, and I will sure reconsider my cake stacking anyways for future cakes. What would you do if they call you to claim anything about this disaster?
How would you respond to the client if they call you on it.  It's been three days and no mention of it yet.
by the way, when i deliver, i have a magnetic car sign that says:   CAKE DELIVERY... PLEASE BE PATIENT!  then i drive super slow.  lol
k8, the straw cutting in the same length is exactly what i do.  i have learned the hard lessons of cutting steps along the way and i frankly do not want to risk this anymore. the mystery still stands for i am afraid that the 100 mile ride or setting the cake some other way (like in someones lap [I suspect]) could have cause this.  I am afraid of asking the person who delivered the cake (i know them personally). and I am afraid of opening up a can of worms with my...
Again, I didnt deliver, so I just received the picture on Facebook.  No one has come forward about this directly to me YET!!! The seahorses are in fact the S' on the name SASHA.  there is a mystery as to how the letters ended up in the first tier for I beleive and will assume that something other than the car ride happened to it.  why else whould the letter end up in the first tier.   I support my cakes the following way: I ice the bottom tier and insert about 6...
So now I want to know what happened.  Please post the outcome.
Last weekend I make a two tiered cake with cream frosting, and cream filling with raspberries. I test my cakes for the travel survival by shaking them on their stand all through the decorating process. Other than a small a small "belly gut" on each tier.                         The cake was to travel about 20 miles one direction before another 70 miles another direction on a beautiful saturday morning.   This is how the cake arrived. ...
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