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Wow!!!!!! Thanks MacsMom for sharing your hard work and genius:-)
I am so happy I found this thread so informative but a TAD overwhelming (understatement of the year). I was wondering MacsMom is you wouldn't mind sharing the WASC recipe that you use. As my daughter would say pleeeeeeeeease
I see many recipes call for adding syrup to a stacked cake but do most bakers do that? Is there certain times you should add syrup and times you don't?
I am still learning the basics of cakes and would love to hear people's opinions on ganache vs chocolate buttercream for frosting a cake and simple decorations
Thanks I've never used potato starch. The crazy thing is the chocolate tier that everyone liked was a doctored box cake. I was tempted to just revert to that in the future but I really do want to become a scratch baker. Damn Duncan Hines
I am a cake decorator wanna-be but I just did my daughters 2nd birthday cake this weekend (My third cake ever). I did get lots of raves (from my family a biased group I know) but I people weren't thrilled with my yellow cake recipe, the bottom tier. The top tier was chocolate and a big hit. Does any one have a good recipe for a moist, tender yellow cake that will withhold stacking?
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