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I'm pretty new to this as well, but I will tell you what I know and maybe it will help a little. You have to find out how many people will be there and then there is a chart on Wilton that shows what size of pans to use depending on the amount of people   The only other thing I can suggest is to put a few dowels in your bottom tier under where the top tier sits so it doesn't fall. (its...
I don't use a boxed cake I do a cake from scratch but I'm sure its about the same as a box cake. I usually get from 25-30... she must make hers small, or I make mine too big but I like them the bigger size
I haven't been doing this for long, and I don't have a business like a lot of you. But I couldn't pass up sharing this.   one of my family members was having a birthday party for a co worker, I was going to charge her $20 for a cake whatever she wanted/needed. she said "Well its just for a co worker, so could you make a box cake and then just decorate it to save on costs"?  I couldn't even believe she asked me this!
Thank you both so much, I really appreciate it!
  My first Decorated Cake   Ive baked since I was little but this was my first attempt at a nicely decorated cake. I have Hopes to get better and Make more! This one is Key Lime pound Cake with Lime Curd filling and Cream Cheese Icing, I made the bow out of Fondant   I have learned a lot from here but have never posted, so I decided its about time to post
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