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Im sorry I am in the bronx area and am looking for any neighbouring areas.   Thanks Chef M
Hey y'all, I am in absolute dier need of 2 edible prints. One is the 8x4" Juicy couture logo for a cake gift box with two smaller logos (3x6), and the other is my sons football team logo which will go on a sheet cake. My printer is shot since I havent used it in a while, I tried it 3 times and it just made things worst. Now these are need by tomorrow Saturday, Jan 26, 2013. Ive spent all day buying last minute items and ink for the printer, and calling around for the...
Wow. Thanks I figured some of this stuff previously but gave up on pricing things out and would just give a figure. Maybe I should just do a spreadsheet of all ingredients with their retail price, needed for any type of cake and then as orders come divide the cost and quantity of the ingredient needed + work hours + cost per hour etc to better understand cake pricing.As per the written agreement I never knew that, jeez imagine the "what if's". I will send them an email as...
I need help pricing out my cakes. Is there a software and app I can download. For example I need a price for the cake picture ASAP. It's a 3 tiered cake (6", 8", & 12"). Yellow cake, fondant, n basic colors.
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