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I have been given a lot of hazelnut praline and need ideas on how to use the praline, adding fruit, flavour, which cake flavour pairing. I really need all the ideas I can get. Its all about the praline so please respond with anything on hazelnut praline. thanks
I bake a lot of cakes ALONE I find it stressful to bake and decorate cakes in one go. I have frozen cakes before and they are as good as the day they were baked. I however advise against freezing as the cake loses some of its texture, springy quality. The ordinary cake eater may not tell the difference but if you want to wow your guests bake the cakes fresh. You seem to have the filling sorted so that's great. If you refrigerate your cake you do know the fondant will sweat...
I finally made the butter cream, the result was pretty great. I live in a hot area so will add more shortening. Thanks for the help.
Tomorrow I will make a batch then let you know how it goes am very concerned about the shortening ruining the BC. If still has advice please share
I have a couple of cake orders this week and will need to use a buttercream on most of them. I have read a recipe where one can substitute shortening for butter 60:40 has any one tried this? If so what are the results.
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