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projectqueen - I you don't mind my asking, what green & yellow did you use? (I've got Americolors)  Those colors look perfect.
I've had a request for a birthday cake for a 7-yr old with an artist pallete theme...I did some research and found a few variations...just need a little guidance/ needs to serve 10-12...I was thinking I could use a 9x13 and cut in in the shape of an artist pallete...should I do one or two layers?  And would that be the right amount of cake?  Once I trim it, not sure how many it would serve....
Definitely going to have to try this!  Thanks for sharing! (Even if the post is sveral years old) ;o)
How did you do the sprinkle heart on the side?  And love your "staging" for the picture!  Makes a world of difference - that's something I need to work on for my pictures. :-/
Love some of the ideas on covering the boards - I have just been covering carboard cake boards with foil...definitely going to have to try a few of the ideas posted here.  Thanks!
Thanks for all the input.  I decided to put them in after they were baked; just pushed them right into the cupcake(s).
I've been asked to make cupcakes for a fundraiser - Mardi Gras "King" cupcakes - they'd like a "baby" (small plastic) in one or two of the cupcakes - do I bake it right in there or insert after they're baked?
Newbie here...when making a tiered cake, I know that each tier should be on a cake board, but my question is: should the cake board(s) be covered (ex. foil)? Or can you just put the cake directly on a cardboard cake board?
Good monring all,   I'm fairly new to cake decorating - took the first two levels of the Wilton classes approx. 1 year ago...haven't learned about tiering cakes yet...when making a tiered cake is each tier supposed to be layered?
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