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Now that's what I call making the best out of bad situation! Great save, and it sounds delish!!
My flatware, which isn't anything super fancy, stated on the package to not wash with dish detergent that contained lemon/citrus in it as it would tarnish the finish. I bet they washed it after using it, causing the tarnishing, and are looking for a scapegoat.
The cake is stunning!! Amazing work, really!   I agree with the others, I can't see how your cake would have caused damage to a pedestal. I think this woman is looking to pass the blame from herself to you to save her own neck.
The first recipe lists baking powder, but the directions say baking soda. Just want to confirm which one you used?
I'm a sucker for a good vanilla! I just don't have a good recipe yet.
You gave her exactly what she wanted, exactly what she insisted on. What did she expect you to do with only 20 minutes before the party started? I don't see any way that a refund would be due here at all. Just make sure you get the stand back.
Wow, that is a gorgeous cake!!! I hope the client understands why she should hold the cake for the week and that all goes well.
This became a quick favorite in my family when I first made it. I've also used it to make cupcakes for a high school bake sale and they were a hit.
I debated both, but when I realized the stainless steel set was more for the modeling and the plastic set had more tools I'd be able to use now, I bought the plastic set. I may eventually pick up the stainless steel set if I get into modeling.
My favorite to bake is this lemon cake recipe I have, and I put a fresh fruit filling in it. My husband also loves this recipe. I also like a good, moist chocolate cake.
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