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I use boba straws I think there called, instead of dowels, but that is just my preference from using them both. They are used as supports so that the tiers don't sink into each other with the weight.
Thank you Amanda , I hope I am making cakes for as long as you have, I really enjoy it, and I know with the more cakes I do the better they will get. Fingers crossed.
Hi I use fat drinking straws inserted into each tier, around 9. Cut them level to the cake then buttercream to hold the tier in place. I find them personally better than dowels. Easier to work with. Hope this helps Nina
I have found using the really fat straws works easier than dowels. Not sure what there called. Boba straws I think. Insert them into each tier cutting them just slightly lower than icing. Then place next tier on top with a generous amount of buttercream, so it stays in place. Repeat for each tier you stack, except last one. Lol I always make a marking of the cake that is going on top by using the tin, then insert straws. I always use about 9 straws placed evenly around....
    I made this cake for a close friend for her baby shower, I have now been asked by one of her friends to make one. Any suggestions on what is a fair price to be charging her for it? I have only made cakes as a hobby so far for family and close friends. Many thanks   Nina
Thank you Mia2906, that cake was the most labouring one i have done. It took 13 hours from start to finish but seeing my step sons face made it worth it.
                    Here are a few i have managed to upload, also i have no idea on what to charge for these sorts of cakes, any help would be most appreciated. Nina
Hi everyone, I just starting an account, so I am still working on how to do everything on here, I can't seem to work out how I attach the images at the minute, only way to view my cakes would be on the Facebook page I set up not that long ago. Which is Ninas Cakey Bakies. I have enjoyed for a while now making my children's birthday cakes, recently a friend asked me to duplicate the toy story one for her, which I did for just the cost of supplies, I am now having her...
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